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Our definition of CONSERVATISM:

Conservatism at its very roots is “Limited Government” and when the government is limited, the officials are ALWAYS reporting to “US”, the People.  This of course, is as our Founders intended.  In other words, We the PEOPLE, tell the government what to do and how to do it.  This is the very definition of CONSERVATISM and with Conservatism LIBERTY always “expands” and the Government “contracts”.

When the word “Conservative” or “Conservatism” is used throughout the CVC website, it is always used in the context as follows:

Conservatism, is the act of conserving the Founding Principles of our Nation’s Constitution.  After our Constitution was finally ratified in 1791, our Founding Fathers could have been considered among the very first Conservatives in our Nation’s history.   Those that fought to restrain big government and to build our future nation on the promise of “Limited Government and “State Sovereignty” principles, were of the same ideology as the current-day Constitutional Conservatives.  Some of us prefer to use the term  Conservative Constitutionalist, but WE are in fact, one of the same!

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